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Captain Mark's Way

True Caribbean Stories & Reflections of a Sailing Captain

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Interspersed among the chapters of this book are some of Captain Mark’s unconventional but straightforward philosophies for you, dear reader, to ponder, contemplate and “wonder” about. One of Captain Mark’s favorite books is Dune, by Frank Herbert, a science fiction trilogy written in the 1960’s, featuring short philosophical quotes pertaining to the chapter that followed.

One such example: “Fear is the mind killer” precedes the chapter involving young Paul Atreides’ lessons of hand to hand combat as taught by the android Duncan Idaho. In other words, once you let fear enter your thoughts, you have lost the battle. I recall this quote often, especially when sailing solo offshore where maintaining composure and focus is vitally important to getting things done efficiently and safely…if I was to let fear enter the picture, it would only make the task more difficult and perhaps more dangerous.

While I don’t have enough “One Page Wonders”, as I like to call them, to precede every chapter, I have developed some thought provoking quotes and insights that may help you perceive life differently from your usual vantage point. Guests on my Caribbean charters often ask, “What would you like me to leave here with aside from the great sailing, fun beach bars and shopping?” My standard answer to everyone is: “That you leave here willing to open your mind to the infinite perceptions of your life that your brain is capable of creating.” In other words, that you let your wonderful active brain perceive your current life from a multitude of vantage points. Why not look at your life from many different perspectives, why limit yourself to the same routine day in and day out? All you are doing is cheating yourself if you don’t examine different evaluations of your current patterns, and a brain is a terrible thing to waste!

There is actual scientific evidence that this approach is beneficial to a longer more fulfilling life. Just like exercise for your physical condition extends and improves the quality of your life, so does utilizing your brain in various alternative ways help keep that muscle from atrophying. A brain surgeon of 25 years experience once told me that your brain actually grows and retains a healthier glow when you think outside the box and mentally explore ideas different from your usual thought patterns. He explained that by retaining the same thoughts and routines is akin to drawing a figure 8 in the sand with your finger, over and over. You feel like you are getting somewhere, but are actually in a constrained and predictable pattern. And to make matters worse, you are digging a rut in the sand; the more you draw the 8, the deeper you are making a hole that will be difficult to work your way out of.

When you allow your thoughts to deviate from the norm, you might realize that you have a great life, not a boring mundane routine one that you have been considering a change…or conversely, you might see your life as going in circles (or 8’s) with limited pleasure and that it’s time for something different. But you will never know unless you turn your brain loose and see what spills out. Many people do not even realize the type of lifestyle available to them in the Caribbean; full of simplicity, beauty and grace. That awareness alone could open the door to the limitless vantage points available for you to observe your regular life, which could then change it for eternity. So go for it!


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